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About Us

We are Trusted Source Capital, LLC, a group of experienced Real Estate Investors specializing in assisting those who are in need of selling a home quickly.

This group of seasoned investors was formed from the void in this country of offering valuable, professional help for complex real estate solutions. Our team brings together years of experience in real estate making our company the first and most well equipped choice for empowering home owners.  Helping them make the best decisions in regards to property and realizing maximum benefits.

Use Our Experience, Expertise and Financial Capabilities to Your Advantage…

Leverage our years of experience in real estate, the educational materials located on this website, and guides to determine the best options for managing or selling your estate property.

Quickly find out how you can sell easily and quickly for the maximum proceeds so that you realize the maximum benefits for you and those leaving property behind

Why Trusted Source Capital, LLC?

Trusted Source Capital, LLC is locally based in Harrisburg PA, but has helped hundreds of property owners just like you with selling their properties all over the States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, D.C. and Virginia.

We are a real firm, not just a phantom internet company.  You can chat with one of our staff members, send us an email, or call and talk to someone that cares.  We can offer real help right now, or arrange an appointment to meet at our office or the property.

We can help immediately, but don’t just take our word for it; connect with us on Facebook and check out some of the many testimonials from others we have helped, and see what they say about the experience…